Buckland School

Welcome to Buckland School 

Mission Statement

 Buckland School is committed to providing quality education that engages all students fully in a wide range of learning experiences that will assist them in preparing for the challenges of the future.

Our Vision for Learning 

To be Lifelong Learners
Be motivated and enthusiastic about learning.  Be Literate and Numerate.  Be able to think critically and creatively and be informed decision makers. Be IT capable and confident.
To be Active Participants 
Participate in a range of social, cultural, physical and intellectual activities.  Contribute to the well-being of self, others and the environment.
To Relate Well to Others
Use communication tools effectively in a range of situations and to accept diversity.  To be proud of own and others' achievements.
To have High Self Esteem
Be confident and independent.  To take risks and challenge self to solve problems and adapt to new challenges.  To show courage.  To strive for excellence in all areas.