Buckland School

Buckland School

Buckland School with its friendly atmosphere, great kids and dedicated teachers is an awesome school.  It is a semi rural school and is situated in George Crescent, Buckland, which is midway between Pukekohe and Tuakau.  Buckland School offers students a wide range of experiences both inside and outside the school.  
Buckland School has ten classes that cater for children from Years 1 to 8. We have a great learning environment that encourages students to be the best they can be at everything they do. Children are highly engaged in their learning and those who need extra support are given opportunities to work with specialist teachers and teacher aides. Children who benefit from being extended further are invited to take part in extension programmes.
Our Year 7 & 8 students are fortunate to attend technology lessons at Pukekohe Intermediate School and they also learn both Te Reo and French over these years.  They are encouraged to develop and use leadership skills to benefit younger children in the school. All Year 8 students attend a Young Leaders Day and a formal leaving dinner is a highlight of completing their years at Buckland School.
Sport plays a big part at Buckland School and a great range of sports are offered using our wonderful facilities which include a 25m swimming pool and two tiger turf courts. Children get the opportunity to compete in individual and team sports at school, group and zone level. Talented children in the Year 7 & 8 years also compete at Auckland level when selected.  A number of children also take part in the AIMs games in Tauranga. 
Opportunities to take part in cultural events such as the choir, dance groups, production and a Kapa Haka group are promoted and encouraged.

We are very proud of our Environmental group who operate a worm farm and a vegetable patch. They also look after the native bush on our boundary and grow and plant native plants around the school.  We are also a Health Promoting School, and a Travel-wise School and have teams of staff, parents and children to promote these areas.

Camps are a yearly event. Our junior students have EOTC activities in term 1 which provides children with lots of new challenging experiences.  Camps for Year 3 – 4 students involve two days and one overnight stay while our Year 5 have a three day, 2 night stay.  Year 6, 7 & Year 8's have a week long camp.  2024s camp is on Kawau Island.

Our school Agricultural Day is always a highlight and a time when we can show off our school to the community. Our PTA, parents, community, and local businesses contribute largely to this event to make it a successful and enjoyable day.  2024 date is Saturday 28th September.

A focus for the school has been the promotion of e-learning across the school. A wide range of IT equipment is available for all children to use throughout the day including Chrome books, computers and ipads.  The school is a 'Bring Your Own Chromebook' school for Years 3 - 8.  All students from Year 3 up have Google Accounts and have a range of on-line programmes available to them both at school and at home.

All are welcome to make an appointment to visit our school.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind Regards

Mavis Glasgow