Buckland School

Buckland School
Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees welcomes you to the school community.  Buckland School is fortunate to have very dedicated and enthusiastic parents on the Board of Trustees.  The Board meets every month to discuss, review and plan governance related issues.  Board of Trustee meetings are open meetings and parents/caregivers are invited to attend.  Please be aware members of the public do not have speaking or voting rights but may at the Chairperson's invitation be invited to put their opinions to the Board members.  Should the Board go 'into committee', members of the public will be asked to leave.
All meetings commence at 6.00 p.m. and are held in the Board meeting room.  Dates for meetings will be advertised.
If you would like to contact the Board regarding any queries, please email us at Board@buckland.school.nz
Board Members:  Darryl Goldsack (Chairperson)
                                Dave Honiss
                                  Sarah Herring 
                                  Brandon Foster
                                  Andrew Maunder
                                Mavis Glasgow (Principal)
                                Lisa Robertson (Staff Rep)


Important Notices