Buckland School

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Karearea Class Newsletter

Hello Parents

 I welcome you and your children to Karearea Room.

To help with your child’s integration into school again I’d like to keep you informed about things happening in our room.

  1. Beginning School: While school begins at 9am it would be great if your child and be at school by 8.50am at the latest, which gives children time to prepare
  2. Food Allergies: Now we have a few people who have severe nut allergies in our class this year. In fairness to them I am asking that you ensure that you not have nuts or nut spreads in your child’s lunches
  3. Homework: Homework is given out at the beginning of each week and is due on Fridays 
  4. School Website: Relevant information about school and our class is on our class website (including photos). 

Please feel free to contact me about anything you’re unsure of. I am available to talk in person from 8.30 – 9am or 3 - 3.30pm.

Alternatively you may email me on mtaylor@buckland.school.nz for any of your needs.
Matthew Taylor