Buckland School

Welcome to Weka

Dear Parents

Now that I have access to this page I would like to thank you all for your patience during this time. Please remember to keep safe and treasure the times we will all be having with our family in these times.  With these unusual circumstances we are all learning new ways of doing things, and I appreciate that for some, these new challenges can be stressful. I will be online to help, so if you have any problems please email me and I will endeavour to help where I can and if I don't know the answers will start on a learning journey of my own to help.

At Buckland School we do not want to overload your children with schoolwork but have a duty of care, from an educational viewpoint, to provide learning activities that children will be able to complete during their period of isolation at home. 

  • Spelling StepsWeb has, on a temporary basis, provided all children with free accounts to allow children to progress on their spelling throughout the next four weeks. Children will be able to login and complete activities at their level. It will ask for your child to complete a spelling assessment first so the program can target the children at the correct level. Please allow them to complete this assessment independently.

  • Maths - Children can complete activities on Mathletics but they can also complete activities that are downloadable from google classroom which each of the children have access to.

  • General Knowledge – General knowledge activities can be accessed through google classroom

  • Writing – Children can complete a daily journal about what they are doing and how they are filling in their time each day. Children need to remember the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW when writing each day. Or they may wish to start a fictional story that they can continue to work on over the coming weeks.  These should be put into “weka” on google classroom and attached so that I am able to assist where necessary.

  • Handwriting – Handwriting tutorials at the following YouTube link

  • Passion Project - Each child can complete a project about a passion they have on Google Slides. Your child is to choose a subject they are really interested in and complete a presentation of it in slides. Children need to remember the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW questions when writing each slide. For example, if I was looking at the subject of rockets I will complete at least one slide for each question, e.g. WHO invented the rocket? (one slide). WHAT countries in the word use rockets? WHAT do they use rockets for? HOW do rockets work? Etc.

  • Hands on activity - Children can also make their own board games, these will need to be thought out carefully and have rules and strategies. Once completed they can be played by the family, yet another way to share learning and enjoying your time together.

Passwords: Please be aware that the username and password for Steps is the same as the children's Mathletics username and password. However, if you have a problem then please email me at sshore@buckland.school.nz if you have a problem.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM in class Weka is where the children will find the instructions regarding the work and where they can send me messages directly.

Please remember that part of this isolation period is the school holidays and these are essential to allow down time to enjoy the things that in our normal busy lives we do not have time for.

Wishing everyone is safe and that as we are all under stress patience with each other will help make this time easier to cope with.  Enjoy your time with each other and contact me via email if needed.