Buckland School


Writing Competition Information and Rules

This is a writing competition for Buckland School children ONLY. You can choose your own topic.  The competition runs from now until the 4th May 2018.


  • NO mistakes. (spelling, double wording etc.)
  • Year 3s and aboves MUST have more than 100 words.
  • Year 2s and below MUST have more than 50 words
  • CAN be written in paragraphs.
  • CAN have chapters.
  • NO pictures.
  • NO copyrighting
  • NO copying books COMPLETELY e.g Dogman, Captain Underpants e.t.c
  • Solo OR team. ( if entered as group can't enter solo.)
  • Teams CAN'T have more than 3 people
  • You CAN'T be in a team outside your year competition.
  • Only 1 story per person
  • MUST be handed into the office
  • There are 8 competitions. One for year 1s and 2s, one for year 3s and 4s, one for year 5s and 6s, one for year 7s and 8s, one overall for the teams,one overall for the solos, and one overall
  • Writing Competition winners will be announced at the beginning of June
  • Most Importantly HAVE FUN!

Solo: by yourself; alone

Copyrighting; copying other people.  

Judged by Dylan.S (with the help of Mrs Robertson)


Important Notices